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How to write a Seductive Sales Copy for your Business like Samsung and Apple

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Have you ever wondered why company such as Apple and Samsung always create a buzz with each product launch they do?

Could it be they offer great design, or they just have loyal fans?

Although all of this is true, their sales copy plays a very vital role.

In both apple and Samsung’s case their copy writers know exactly how to sell their latest gadgets using words.

It doesn’t matter that you own an iPhone 7 or Samsung S9, when the iPhone 9 or S10 comes out you will find yourself being compelled to buy that one is well.

But just how do they do it?

In both companies they have mastered the art of creating highly captivating sales copy that is fascinating, engaging and persuasive.

Truly they will make doubters into believers, maybe that is the reason why I ended up buying an iPhone 7 which I didn’t need lol…

Here are some tips that you can borrow from these tech Giants and apply to your own business.

Create headlines that grab people’s attention…

Apple brand copy-writing techniques

Have you ever looked at Samsung or apple’s promotional headlines when they are launching their latest product?

In most of their website promotional landing pages you will see them having headlines that grabs your attention, and in most cases daring you to upgrade even though you own a previous model of the same brand.

Have a headline and copy that emphasizes the message that you want to communicate to your customers.

Convey your message in a simple to understand manner…

air pods apple copy-writing

This message that you want to convey to your potential or existing customers must be simple, highlight the benefits that the customer can derive from your product or service.

Use short or broken sentences which are much easier to read than long sentences. You can use copy that has your product, benefits and even price like this example:

The new iPhone 9 – bolder, faster, durable, dual sim for only $999…

Samsung S10 – thinner, lighter, faster and so much more than before…

The shorter the sentence is in your sales copy the more likely that your customers will remember the message you are putting out.

You can also write a copy that uses surprise, contrast or even suspense to attract attention and interest.

Use power words in your copy…

Words such as imagine, you and your are power words which have a hypnotizing effect on the customer that allows them to experience your product or service.

Imagine you sitting on the beach in Greece, sipping a glass of red wine… Global Travels can take you there.

This above copy allows the customer to imagine them self taking a vacation to Greece while also at the same time connecting your brand name to that travel.

Used problems as a persuasion tactic…

Presenting a problem and offering a solution in your sales copy is much more attention grabbing than writing a generic copy.

It’s not enough to tell you customers how good your product is, you must be able to anticipate their reservations.

I’m sure on TV you have seen ads way people are comparing their products with their competitors, and in most of those adverts you will find them highlighting the problems that their product solves which their competitors don’t.

When writing your copy list down all the features that your product or service has, and come up with a problem that each feature solves.

Offer technical details of your product and services…

One of the most overlooked and often ignored part of the sales copy is the technical details of a company’s services.

Adding technical details in your sales copy shows your potential customers that you have some form of expertise and build confidence in your services.

Include success stories…

Believe it or not adding stories particularly success stories to your sales copy actually helps and is one of the most powerful tools you can use in copy-writing.

Just like in our everyday lives stories are memorable, are fascinating and often linger in our minds for long periods of time.

Having success stories of your product and services, including existing customer testimonials helps in clearing any form of doubt from your potential customers.

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