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iHub is Kenya’s Rising Silicon Valley

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iHub is Kenya’s innovative Hub for the tech and start-up communities and offers open space for technologists, investors and technology companies to interact.

Since its creation in 2010 it has been a catalyst of growth in the technology community in Nairobi.

 iHub has well positioned itself to become Africa’s Sillicon Valley with its innovative hub that has assisted more than 170 start-ups and managed to attract more than 16 000 members.

According to some latest statistics Africa has more than 600 tech hubs across the continent, and although there is no official tech ranking stats iHub is definitely on top of that list.

What is iHub?

iHub is an open community space that facilitates a collaborative environment for investors and start-ups and creates a platform that helps aspiring tech entrepreneurs to contribute to the future of African innovation and technology.

The technology hub based in Nairobi was started in March 2010 by blogger, entrepreneur and TED Fellow Erik Hersman with the purpose of creating a vibrant co-working environment where different programmers, technologists, entrepreneurs, developers, investors, researchers could meet up and share ideas.

Their goal has always been of creating an ecosystem that inspires innovation and problem solving of local issues using technology.

Their members have got access to mentorship programmes, start-up and product development workshops or events, venture funding from local and international funders.

Some of their events include Random Hacks of Kindness (RHOK), Mobile Monday, BarCamp, AfricaHackOn InfoSec Conference just to mention a few.

iHub’s community includes creatives, developers, designers, engineers, researchers, technologists among many others.

iHub Partners

iHub has roped in major technological partners such as Google, Microsoft, Intel just to mention a few and is home to a software start-up called Ushahidi which gathers reports on crisis situations in countries such as Chile, Haiti, India, Russia and so on.

With the booming of the technology hubs in Africa experts are seeing a rise in the technology sector in many African countries in the next few years and this could see that sector contributing more to the country’s GDP.

As of September 2019 it was announced on their website ihub.co.ke that Co-Creation Hub had acquired iHub.

Co-Creation Hub is one of Nigeria’s largest and multi faceted technology hubs, even attracting Mark Zuckerberg to its offices in 2016 during his African trip.