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Sandile Shezi is SA’s Youngest Self-made Millionaire

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Sandile Shezi is a typical young adult in his 20’s like many of his contemporaries, but unlike his friends he is a self-made millionaire and businessman primarily dealing in Forex trading.

Shezi has been such a hit that he is pretty much the “poster boy” for South African young self made millionaires, and has become a motivational speaker, globetrotter and somewhat a celebrity.


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His company won the African Forex Expo Award for being the best forex training provider in 2014.

Sandile’s meteoric rise to the top…

From humble beginnings of selling muffins at age 12 and clothes he decided to take a risky yet bold move which saw him use the school money that was meant for his university fees and started trading without his parent’s knowledge.

Although he quit school he later acquired a national diploma in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications at the Durban University of Technology, and a Global Leadership Program from Harvard.

What makes his story inspiring is the big gamble Sandile took, especially considering that it was his parent’s money meant for his school fees that he was using to invest in a venture that didn’t guarantee returns.

He has become somewhat an expert is the trading of high-risk forex trading and his company has created a name for itself as one which provides affordable and effective forex trading that is accessible to the masses of South Africa.


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Sandile Shezi Business Ventures


Sandile is the founder of Rivoltare Pty Ltd and had previously co-owned a Forex Trading company called the Global Forex Institute which specialised in empowering disadvantaged people with free forex trading classes.


Krypteum is a Durban based crypto currency company that Sandile co-runs with businessman Previn Reddy, and their company not only invests in crypto currency but also will be offering free seminars about the new digital currency.

Sandile Shezi Foundation

Sandile runs his Sandile Shezi Foundation whose aim is to reduce unemployment among the youth and people of all ages and backgrounds by offering free forex training sessions.

In addition to forex training the foundation also strongly believes in education, running the Textbook Support Initiative that aims to give learners better learning opportunities through scholarships and bursaries.

So just how rich is Sandile Shezi?


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Having been a success story in the forex game his personal wealth is estimated to be over USD2 million, and who could doubt it when he owns a fleet of luxurious cars.