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Africa’s Next Big Investment Opportunity Is Livestock Wealth

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When most people think of investments, they think of stocks, unit trusts, and so forth. However, few would anticipate that their investment would be munching grass on the pastures of KwaZulu Natal.

Ntuthuko Shezi’s startup is providing Africans with the option to engage in a crowd funding platform that invests in cows, and believe it or not, cattle wealth gives yearly returns that are significantly greater than the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Shezi founded Livestock Wealth with the goal of making investing more accessible to ordinary South Africans in a simple and relatable manner.

Investors interested in this endeavor may visit their website and select a pregnant heifer from the numerous postings before adding it to their buying basket.

They will accept the conditions of the investment and pay for it with a credit card, a bank transfer, or PayPal.
Investors will pay a monthly charge of less than R300 to cover vet fees and basic maintenance for the cow.

Every year, the cow gives birth to a calf known as a weaner, which is sold and the revenues are divided among the investors.

Livestock wealth is now valued at R100 million, with intentions to expand into Africa.

After extending its asset valuation to R100 million, crowd farming platform LivestockWealth plans to create a footprint in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) area over the coming year.

As the pandemic radically reshapes the world of investment portfolios, with more South Africans seeking financial stability, the fintech platform claims it has experienced increasing demand for its investment products and services, particularly since the commencement of COVID-19.

Cattle Wealth, created by Ntuthuko Shezi in 2015, allows those who don’t have access to land, time, or skills to own livestock in a professionally managed agricultural enterprise.

Rather than unit trusts, shares, or exchange-traded funds, investors may invest in cows and agricultural food items through the Web and mobile application.

Cow farming provides a consistent source of income for farmers who are responsible for the cattle’s care, while also allowing others without access to land to own cattle and produce nutritious, hormone-free meat.

Shezi emphasizes that as the organization expands, the ultimate goal is to be present anywhere there are farmers in Africa, with an emphasis on the SADC at first.

For more information visit their website www.livestockwealth.com