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How Social Media can help grow your business

Social media has traditionally been used as a social interaction platform where people interact with friends and family across different social media sites, but...

6 Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

The global Covid 19 pandemic has brought people's daily lives to a point where no one can guarantee or make long-term plans tomorrow. People...

iHub is Kenya’s Rising Silicon Valley

iHub is Kenya's creative technology and start-up platform and provides an open space for technologists, investors and technology companies to connect. It has been...

Mansa Musa is the World’s Unknown Richest Man

If you think about who the richest person to have lived on this planet, you might think of the likes of Jeff Bizos, Bill...

5 Tips for Starting Your Own Successful Business in South Africa

It's never been easy for most people to start a company from the ground up, and those who did it will tell you that...

Strive Masiyiwa Becomes Zimbabwe’s First Billionaire on Forbes List

Zimbabwe's telecommunications magnate has become the first Zimbabwean to be officially recognized as a billionaire by Forbes with an estimated net value of USD$1.1...

How to start an Online Business

Starting an online business is not an easy task , especially if you do not know how to do it properly. Here are some...

Livestock Wealth is Africa’s Next Big Investment Opportunity

Most people when they think of investments they think of shares, unit trusts and so on, but most would not imagine that their investment...

Linda Ikeji Nigeria’s Top Blogger

Linda Ikeji is well known in the Nigerian Blogging industry for bringing the best and most recent Nigerian news and gossips, and has managed...

How to write a Seductive Sales Copy for your Business like...

Have you ever wondered why companies like Apple and Samsung are always creating a buzz with every product they launch? Could it be that...


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