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Capitec Branch Code 470010

capitec universal branch code

Capitec Branch Code – Most Capitec Bank customers might not be aware of what the branch code is, and for those who might need it Capitec bank’s universal branch code is 470010.

When making online payments, many Capitec clients struggle to identify the branch code, and because Capitec Bank is rapidly gaining a lot of new customers they have simplified the branch code by having it as a single number.

Users won’t have to remember branch names; they can simply use the Capitec branch code 470 010 for all of your banking requirements.

What is Capitec Bank

Capitec Bank is the second largest retail bank in South Africa which offers simplified banking solutions through their Global One account, and caters for personal and business banking.

How to find the branch code for Capitec Bank

It’s just not simple to memorize a branch code or the name of the bank where you first opened an account. When you don’t recall the branch name but need it right away, try the Capitec branch locator – it’s a great tool that will provide you all the information you need, including the branch code.

The Capitec branch location results page looks like this:

capitec branch locator

The Capitec branch code is 470010, which is a universal and unique identifying code that may be used for any financial service Capitec offers.

The following are some of the reasons why you should always use the universal code rather than the branch-specific code:

  1. For Capitec, a branch code merely denotes the location of a branch. Every bank branch has a unique identifier that serves to identify its location.
  2. A universal branch code, on the other hand, is self-explanatory – UNIVERSAL. You may use the code to conduct transactions all throughout the country.

In South Africa, all major banks utilize the universal branch coding scheme, and each has a single six-digit number that may be used for immediate EFTs.

According to our study, Capitec Bank customers are mostly looking for branch codes in the following South African cities: Randburg, Polokwane, Cape Town, and Richards Bay.

We can also confirm that Capitec exclusively utilizes the 470010 branch code, which is the global branch code.

If you’re using the Capitec branch finder to look for the code, all of the results have the same branch code.