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Check Out How the Rescued Little Nigerian Boy Hope Is Doing Today

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Who will forget the heartbreaking pictures of the 2-year-old Nigerian boy who had been abandoned by his parents in the dusty streets of Nigeria alone after being branded a witch, but thanks to the efforts of the Danish aid worker Anja Ringgren Lovén, the boy’s future now looks very promising.

Loven did some rescue missions along with her husband, David Emmanuel Umem, when she first met the little boy on 30 January 2016, sitting by the side of the road, naked, starving and sick.

The 2-year-old was allegedly abandoned and left to fend for himself by his family because of their prevalent witchcraft superstitions, which left many children abandoned, abused or killed.

In keeping with his name, all hope was not lost for him, Anja and her Nigerian team rescued him and agreed to call him Hope.

Courtesy – Anja Ringgren Lovén Facebook

She posted a Facebook post about the little boy’s story, and it soon became viral, with many praising her for her charitable efforts and describing her as an inspiration.

After some treatment and care, Hope soon recovered and is now a stable child who has started to go to school.

Courtesy – Anja Ringgren Lovén Facebook

The couple runs African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF) which is an orphanage that helps rescue abandoned kids who are disowned by their families due to superstitious beliefs.

In 2016 Anja was named “the most inspiring person of the year 2016” by Germany’s Ooom Magazine.

To read more about the organisation or to make any form of donations to help visit their website www.dinnoedhjaelp.dk