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Check out the $1 Million Bulletproof Mercedes Benz G63 Armored Car

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The Mercedes-AMG G63, a big, powerful, and off-road capable SUV, is a showpiece.

The Mercedes-AMG G63 limo from Inkas, a Canadian armored vehicle manufacturer, provides a solution to that quandary.

The vehicle, which is stretched out and built in the shape of a tank, can shield passengers from high-powered rifle fire or an explosion caused by two bombs. There are also run-flat tires and video monitoring.

The armored private jet of the road, the customized Mercedes Benz G63 Armored Car, has already distinguished itself from its competition and will undoubtedly leave you speechless.

The original Mercedes Benz G63 AMG will set you back approximately $150 000, but those looking for further security will have to pay extra to have it upgraded and transformed into an armored car.

The original automobile must be transported to Inkas Group, which specializes in armored cars, for modification, where bulletproof features and a matte-black coating will be added.

The G63 boasts armor-piercing bullet resistance up to BR7, which means it can survive shots from high-powered weapons like sniper rifles.

The interiors are entirely bulletproof, from the windows to the doors, and can resist bullets from 9mm pistols, AK-47s, and up to two grenade explosions. The vehicle also has a perimeter checker in the form of security cameras.

Genuine leather finishes for optimum and luxurious comfort, satellite TV system, refrigerator and bar, iPad mini that controls almost everything in the car, and a built-in speed vault gun holder are among the interior add-ons in the Mercedes Benz G63 Armored Car.

Inkas placed a control center between the seats that allows passengers to handle the entertainment system, which features Apple TV integration.

The SUV includes an airflow filtering technology that allows air to be re-circulated within. View some of the images from our once-in-a-lifetime road trip.