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Check out this Black Designer’s Luxury Handbag and Accessory Line

Ndidi Obi

Introducing Ndidi Obi, the founder and CEO of Ndidi Obi USA Inc., a new Black-owned luxury company poised to take us to the next level of fashion.

The use of a Black-owned USA-based manufacturer by the new brand is a noteworthy characteristic. “Our objective is to give premium things of the best quality to people who demand more,” she says.

People looking for high-quality handbags and accessories with a traditional, attractive style have a new choice to consider. Bringing back memories of how leather handbags and accessories used to look before mass production.

This New Jersey resident founded her brand in response to a need for high-quality handbags that did not cost tens of thousands of dollars.


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After spending two decades in corporate America, Ndidi Obi is determined to keep females looking and feeling effortlessly trendy in their everyday wear.

Ndidi Obi US OBI is more than just a new luxury label; it’s a goal to remind us why we miss handcrafted leather bags and accessories.

Ndidi Obi is delighted about the collection since each release brings something new to the market, produced with painstaking attention to detail and high-quality materials that both men and women will love.

According to the founder, you will be the proud owner of this new line.