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Checkers Money Transfer – What happens when you want to send money to your loved ones and they do not have a bank account? Sending and receiving money without a bank account has become so much simpler nowadays with the use of money transfer facilities such as the Money Transfer facility.

The Checkers Store is one of the biggest retail operators in South Africa and in order to provide its customers with a convenient and affordable access to funds facility they introduced their Money Transfer facility.

Whether you are doing your shopping and you decide to send your grandparents some cash, you have a friend who has an emergency and is in another town or province, whatever the case might be you can use this facility and they will get the money within minutes.

How to send money using Checkers Money Transfer

Checkers has many stores all over South Africa, so to send money to someone you can simply visit any Checkers or Shoprite stores near you and go to the Money Market Counter instore. You will need your South African identification document which you will present as a form of identification, take your original ID not copies or driver’s license.

You will be asked to enter a secret 4-digit Pin number of your choice to receive the Money Market Transfer number, you will then give this PIN and Transfer number only to the recipient which they will use to collect the cash.

You are allowed to send any amount from as little as R1 to a maximum amount of R5000 per day and it will cost you only R9.99 to send the money, so if you want the recipient to collect a round figure you just add an extra R10 to the amount you want to send.

The maximum amount you can transfer each month is R25 000 so you can send any amount to a maximum of R5000 each day until you have reached your limit. So, if you work in the city and you have family back home you want to send money to every month then the Money Transfer from Checkers will be a great option for you.

The best part is you do not need a bank account, no completing long forms to send or receive and you can transfer the money at time the store is open.

How to collect money using Checkers Money Transfer

Receiving money through the Checkers’ Money Transfer facility is quite quick and easy, the person sending you money will have to contact you and give you the secret PIN and the Money Transfer Number to use when collecting the money.

Take your identification document to Checkers or Shoprite Money Market counter and give the teller your Money Transfer Number and you will be asked to enter the secret PIN from the sender to receive the cash, it’s as simple as that.

Checkers Money Transfer Contact Details

To know more details about the Checkers Money Transfer facility or if you want to make use of this service feel free visit any Checkers or Shoprite Money Market Counter and their consultants will assist you. Alternatively, you can visit their website www.checkers.co.za or call them on telephone number 0800 010 709 to find out more.

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