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Checkers unveils a store with no cash registers, powered by AI and machine vision

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Shoprite realeased a statement on Wednesday stating that it is experimenting with the concept of an automated Checkers concept shop which will allow customers to purchase their products without the need for cashiers or till points.”

Checkers Rush is a concept store with “no lines, no checkout, no waiting,” according to the company.

Checkers Rush bills consumers’ bank cards upon leaving using powerful AI camera technology to recognize the items being removed from the shelves.

In a promotional film for Shoprite X, the company’s new digital innovation section, the shop is shown.

– video courtesy of Shoprite X

Staff that work at the ShopriteX offices situated above Checkers Hyper Brackenfell in Cape Town, are among the few that have access to the self automated shop.

That unit office currently contains a team of 250 employees, including data scientists, e-commerce specialists, and others, who collaborate with a larger IT team of over 1,000 “to design and implement new ideas,” according to Shoprite.

Amazon Go shops pioneered the notion of a “grab and go” retail store, relying on cameras to track what customers take (and return) without the need to scan barcodes or engage with a human assistant.

It has largely targeted metropolitan clients with the idea, emphasizing its speed and convenience.

Similar methods, however, are utilized in rural regions of Sweden, where employees may be unavailable or where the expense of salaries would make a store unprofitable.