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How to get your Credit Report & Score for FREE in South Africa


Don’t fall for gimmicks. You can obtain your credit report and score in South Africa without having to shell out any cash. This guide will show you how.

According to the National Credit Act, all South Africans can access one free credit report every year. You can request your free report online from one of the four approved credit bureaus: XDS, Experian, Compuscan, and TransUnion.

However, it’s worth noting that the free reports from these bureaus typically don’t provide your comprehensive credit score. Many companies will charge for this additional information.

But don’t worry, I’ve done the legwork and discovered the best options available for you to obtain your free credit score along with your credit report. Keep reading to learn more!

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ClearScore is user-friendly, and they offer completely free, permanent access to your credit score and report upon sign up. Plus, you can check your updated credit score and report anytime without spending a penny.

ClearScore’s convenient mobile application allows you to access your credit information directly from your phone, whenever and wherever you need it.

The accuracy and reliability of their data is guaranteed as ClearScore is powered by Experian, one of South Africa’s main credit bureaus. Hence, all your information is current and highly precise.

What will you receive when you register with ClearScore?

Upon signing up, you’ll find your credit score on your dashboard, juxtaposed with the national average for easy comparison.

ClearScore provides easy-to-understand credit reports that highlight the factors impacting your credit score, such as payment history and credit inquiries.

ClearScore also offers coaching to provide actionable steps for improving your credit score.

Moreover, you will see all available credit offers based on your current score, including loans, credit cards, car insurance, and cell phone contracts.

Ready to get started?

Read on for sign-up instructions:

  • First, visit the ClearScore sign up page or download the mobile app for Android or iPhone.
  • Enter your email address and click on ‘See my score’.
  • Provide your personal details.
  • Complete the knowledge base authentication process, which includes answering questions about your personal credit history. Be accurate to ensure instant approval.
  • In a few minutes, you’ll be done, and it’s absolutely worth the effort!

Wondering how ClearScore offers a free credit score and report indefinitely when others charge? I believe they generate revenue through the ‘credit offers’ section, selling credit options based on your score.

This is a smart move, as they earn revenue by promoting credit offers, thus providing free access to your credit information. It’s a beneficial situation for all.

My Credit Check

This fantastic online portal, powered by Experian and Compuscan (two of South Africa’s major credit bureaus), offers credible services.

Here’s what you get with a free My Credit Check sign-up:

  • Your credit score
  • Payment history
  • Any negative notices impacting your credit score, like missed payments
  • A function to dispute payment defaults

The application process is quick, easy, and requires minimal documentation. If they can’t verify your details automatically, you’ll need to submit proof of residence and I.D, which they’ll review within 48 hours.

To speed up the process, use your correct I.D and mobile number linked to your credit record. Credit bureaus match your details with their records for automatic verification.

Required documents:

  • Proof of residence (accepting only bank statements, cell phone bills, or utility bills showing your name and current address)
  • Your South African I.D

Application steps:

  • Visit mycreditcheck.co.za.
  • You must press the ‘Sign me up 3-2-1’ button.
  • Follow the simple 5-step process.

If you need assistance with the signup process, call My Credit Check at 0861-51-41-31 or email info@mycreditcheck.co.za.


Splendi, another reliable online platform, is owned by XDS (Xpert Decision Systems), South Africa’s largest credit bureau. This extensive access to your personal credit data ensures an accurate credit score.

When you sign up with the free Splendi you get these exciting offers that include:

  • Free and current credit score each time you log in, along with a downloadable credit report.
  • Access to your 24-month payment history and alerts whenever a credit account is opened in your name.
  • Free education resources to help you build and maintain robust credit history.

Sign-up process with Splendi:

  • Visit the official Splendi website.
  • Click on the green ‘sign up’ button.
  • Enter your South African I.D number and cellphone number (for verification).
  • Complete the knowledge base authentication.
  • Upload a facial photo.
  • Complete the final steps.

You should then be able to log in to your account and check your credit status. In some cases, manual verification might be required.

For assistance, email Splendi at info@splendi.co.za.

TransUnion Credit Bureau

TransUnion, another major credit bureau in South Africa, also offers an online platform to order your free credit report.

Here’s what you get with a free TransUnion sign-up:

  • A free credit report (unfortunately, no credit score).
  • If you wish to obtain your credit score, you’d have to upgrade to the paid TrueCredit version for approximately R300 per year. If you’re looking for a free option, consider using ClearScore instead.

To obtain your free TransUnion credit report:

  • Visit the TransUnion free annual credit report page.
  • Click on ‘Get your free credit report’.
  • Provide your personal details.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Your free credit report will arrive in your email inbox within 24 hours.

To contact TransUnion, call them at 0861-482-482.