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DRIP Footwear: SA’s Trendiest Sneakers

Drip Footwear

Drip Footwear is a company whose mission is to design the future alongside its consumers, and since its debut it has been among the most popular and trendy footwear brands on the market. Their main values are design and quality in all they do.

Drip is approachable and works with others to increase the impact of what they do. Drip aspires to be a dependable, accommodating, creative, and enthusiastic brand. Their goal is to empower clients to identify their greatness, no matter where they are from.

DRIP Footwear History

Drip Footwear was founded in 2003 by entrepreneur Lekau Sehoana in order to maximize his resources. This encouraged him to be inventive and imaginative. Lekau Sehoana grew up in an unofficial commune in Ivory Park with no shoes. Then, inspired by an old, ripped pair of sneakers, he redesigns it with denim and polyurethane.

He entered the shoe industry once this footwear became popular locally and swapped agony for money for the next five years of his high school career. A few years later, Drip was conceived, and the rest is history.

The name and branding of this footwear firm were inspired by the way words are used today. A “drip” literally refers to a drop of liquid. In urban street culture, however, it refers to having a trendy appearance, Ukotini, or strong fashion sense.

Drip has established itself against the backdrop of urban street lingo. Drip stands apart from the competition thanks to our daring design, adaptability, and collaborative spirit.

DRIP Footwear Success Story

One of the most notable success stories to come out of South African townships is Drip Sneakers. Drip is a rapidly expanding company that makes appealing, well-designed footwear for young people.

Lekau Sehoana, known as “The Township Dreamer,” is a real life example that one’s surroundings do not dictate their success in life; rather, it is their dreams that do. He went from wearing no shoes to creating a rapidly expanding sneaker business in the cutthroat South African market.

Sehoana established the company entirely using recycled materials. His original sneaker was made from a torn Adidas sneaker and modified with polyurethane and denim.

His aim was to escape poverty, but he had no idea that his entrepreneurial odyssey had just just begun. After producing shoes for more than 17 years, DRIP now employs over 3000 people and sells more than 3000 pairs of sneakers every six months.

With more than 12 locations nationwide, we can now bring you this stylish sneaker.

DRIP Footwear Prices

Currently, prices for The Drip shoes range from R700.00 to R1,200.00, depending on the style, size, and color options you want.

Drip Footwear also buys old shoes for Recycling

Sehoana wouldn’t want to lose the key component that launched the company because he founded it on the usage of recycled materials.

When your worn-out sneakers start to tear, Drip can buy them back from you if you want to get some cash out of recycling them.

Drip Footwear provides free school shoes to kids from underprivileged families who were like Lekau 17 years ago.