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DStv Streama | Turn your TV into an Entertainment Hub

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With DStv’s More for You package, you may access a wide variety of movies, TV shows, sports, and other content for a low monthly fee.

This is made possible by the Streama media box, which enables you to access the most popular streaming services in the world as well as your favorite DStv content from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

The Streama is currently South Africa’s top entertainment destination because of the sheer volume of excellent content available.

What is DStv Streama?

Using the DStv Streama, which connects to the internet and your TV, you can stream content from a variety of apps, including DStv, Showmax, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and YouTube Kids.

With its user-friendly menus and digital media player/TV box, you may stream content from several providers while utilizing the same device, remote, and user interface. It doesn’t need to be installed or connected to a satellite dish like decoders do.

The DStv Streama already includes suitable apps and it doesn’t need an app store. Anyone who wants to stream content can use the DStv Streama, which does not require a current DStv subscription unless you want to broadcast DStv content.

DStv Streama with Compact Subscription

A DStv Compact subscription will be included in your monthly subscription if you choose the More for You package.

Along with more than 45 entertainment channels, DStv Compact includes seven sports channels, eight kids channels, and more.

The More for You bundle from DStv has you covered whether you want to watch the Boks play the All Blacks or catch up on your favorite sitcom.

Best Streaming Services on DTSV Streama

Subscribers to More for You can use the Streama to view content from their current streaming subscriptions in addition to DStv Compact.

The tablet supports YouTube, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and YouTube Kids, all of which offer countless hours of excellent material.

Whether you want to watch gritty superhero entertainment like The Boys or Invincible or are interested in following the Stranger Things tale, you can do it all from the Streama media box.

Furthermore, you will still be able to use your Streama to watch non-DStv material if you decide to discontinue your DStv membership in the future.

Get Even more with DStv for You

The DStv More for You bundle also comes with a 25/10Mbps uncapped fiber connection, so the value doesn’t stop there.

It is challenging to find a better deal at R699 per month when you consider this, the excellent value of the Streama media box, and the DStv Compact subscription.