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FNB Bank Loans are tailored personal loans offered to FNB customers who are in need of some financial relief to address their various financial obligations, getting as much as R300 000 in cash paid out directly into their bank account.

First National Bank, or FNB, is one of South Africa’s largest financial banking institutions, ranking among the top five largest banks and providing a variety of financial services such as banking, industry, and personal loan solutions.

FNB is a subsidiary of the First Rand Group, a financial services conglomerate that is traded on the Johannesburg and Botswana Stock Exchanges.

FNB traces its early years to Eastern triocrees Province Bank, that was established in 1838 and is one of the oldest bank in South Africa.

Botswana, Eswatini, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Ghana, India, Lesotho, South Africa, Tanzania, and Guernsey are among the countries where FNB runs its numerous banking subsidiaries.

Why choose FNB Bank Loans?

FNB Bank Loans are the kind of credit options that FNB offers its customers to help them to live their best life, whether they want to buy their dream car, start a family, or get some money to invest in the dream company they have always wanted to start.

Their FNB Personal Loans provide individuals who need money up to R300 000 and has a customized interest rate of up to 12.75 percent per year, based on their credit score.

FNB Bank Loans are also available in the form of Car Loans, and can be used to buy cars that are less than ten years old, Home Loans, Revolving Loans, and Overdraft Loans.

These loans are a perfect way to cover your expected or unplanned financial needs, and they also help you to bundle your current loans into one FNB loan, making it much easier to handle your finances.

Types of FNB Bank Loans available

Personal Loans
These offer personalised credit of up to R300 000 with low interest rates that start from as little as 12.75% which you can use for any of your planned or unplanned financial obligations. They come with the benefits of having fixed interest rates that allow you manage your monthly budget because you will be repaying the same amount every month. If you decide to access additional funds you enjoy the benefit of not having to pay an additional initiation fee.

Vehicle Loans
FNB offers its customers three vehicle finance options that they can make use of to buy their dream vehicle, and these are Dealership Finance that is for buying vehicles at a dealership that are not older than 10 years, Private Vehicle Finance which is for purchasing vehicles not older than 20 years from a private sale and lastly Leisure Finance which is meant to finance the purchase of leisure vehicles such as caravans, boats and so forth.

Home Loans
If you are looking for finance to purchase your dream home, buy land or invest in property, FNB has a home loan solution for you.

Benefits of FNB Bank Loans

Application Process Is Simple
FNB offers personal loans through their online banking, app, and in-branch services. When you are approved for their personal loans, the funds are automatically transferred to your bank account, enabling you to use them for whatever purpose you choose.

Interest Rates That Are Customized
For a FNB Personal Loan, you can get customized fixed interest rates starting at 12.75 percent a year and is determined by your credit profile.

Terms of Repayment are Fixed
FNB Bank Loans have set repayment repayments that remain the same over the loan period, which means that the amount you repay per month will remain the same until the loan is completely paid off.

There are no fines or penalties
You will not be charged any interest if you pay off your loan much quicker than the predetermined loan term, which is a perfect way to get out of debt.

Credit Life Insurance
If you are unable to repay your loan due to retrenchment, injury, or death, FNB ensures that your debts are taken care of by their Credit Life Insurance, which will settle any unpaid loan debt.

Annual Percentage Rate (Interest Rates and Associated Fees)

When you take out an R300 000 loan with a 60-month repayment plan, you will be paid R107 255.41 in interest and penalties, with a cumulative repayment of R407 255.41 and is broken down below:

R300,000 max loan amount
Term of the Loan: 60 months
Monthly Repayment: R6 787.59
Interest Rate: 12.75
R107 255.41 total interest
R407 255.41 total repayment

FNB Bank Loans Qualification Requirements

To qualify for personal loans from FNB the borrower must be above the age of 18, permanently working or self-employed, a permanent resident of South Africa, and have their income directly deposited into their FNB bank account in order to get approved.

FNB Bank Contact Details

Should you wish to get more detailed information regarding personal loans from FNB you can get in touch with their consultants at the nearest FNB branch, or go online to www.fnb.co.za and read more information from their website.

Personal Loans Contact Number: 087 730 5596
Credit Card Contact Number: 087 575 1111
Credit Card Email: fnbcard@fnb.co.za
Customer Service Number: 087 575 9404

Address: Simmonds St, Johannesburg, 2001

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