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FNB is South Africa’s most valuable brand in 2021

FNB valuable bank 2021

With a Brand Value of $2.7 billion, FNB has retained its position as South Africa’s 2021 Most Valuable Brand for the second year in a row in Kantar’s BrandZ Top30 Most Valuable Brands.

FNB is among the biggest financial and banking institution in South Africa offering popular products and services that include banking accounts, personal loans, vehicle loans, home loans, business insurance among many others.

FNB was scored very highly on all brand equity indicators by the country’s consumers, according to the independent brand valuation, and is positioned as a particularly “Meaningfully Different” brand.

Consumers rated FNB as having “excellent advertising” between 2020 and 2021, and the bank’s marketing activities as being “relevant and memorable.

In the Banking sector, FNB also performed well on Brand Exposure metrics, with the recently launched #TheChangeables campaign earning special attention in the study.

This is a major honor for our customers and staff who are partners on our quest to develop the finest platform company in the world, according to Jacques Celliers, FNB Chief Executive.

This award comes at a time when the globe is experiencing a pandemic that has been described as a once-in-a-100-years occurrence, demonstrating FNB’s business’s adaptability and resilience.

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Even though South Africa’s economy tries to regain speed, FNB is more motivated than ever to assist our retail and commercial clients in participating in economic activities.

FNB continues to push and redefine what help means to customers and society as a purpose-driven brand.

FNB has a significant impact on our clients’ lives by providing them with relevant and meaningful contextual solutions.

As a result, assistance is at the heart of all FNB does, and this award has solidified FNB’s position as the most valuable brand in society.

FNB’s outstanding performance was also highlighted by its reaction to the pandemic through its comprehensive relief programs targeted at assisting customers, which included the Cashflow Relief program, as well as various fee exemptions and loan restructuring. The institution’s digital banking services have also aided in the expansion of its brand value.

FNB’s ambitions to create, implement, and enhance the nature of our financial and non-financial help to our clients and disadvantaged communities have been expedited by the Covid-19 epidemic.