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FNB Universal Branch Code

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When making online transactions there is often the need to provide a branch code, and because FNB has so many branches it can be difficult to remember the right one.

This is one of the reasons why FNB provides a Universal Branch Code 250655 which can be used in place of the traditional branch codes.

FNB Universal Branch Code 250655 is the alternative branch code that you can use for any local or international EFT transactions.

Through using the FNB Universal Branch Code of 250655 your transactions are processed much faster.

Branch Code vs Universal Branch Code

Most people want to know what the difference between branch code and universal branch code is, besides, they all sound the same they might say.

Branch code refers to the specific area which that FNB branch is located, and each branch has its own unique code.

Universal branch code on the other hand refers to a generic code that can be used regardless of which bank branch is being used, meaning that the code applies to any and every FNB branch when you are making online payments.

Most South African banks such as ABSA, Nedbank, Capitec and so on are using universal branch codes for all their branches to make it easier for those that are transacting online.

In summary branch code applies to a specific branch only and universal branch code applies to every branch!

Why use The FNB Universal Branch Code 250655?

FNB is one of the largest commercial banking institutions in South Africa, with over 100 branches across the country, and remembering specific branch codes might be a difficult task.

To save you a lot of time you can use their 6-digit universal branch code of 250 655 while doing your internet banking transactions to other FNB accounts.

This ensures that your transactions are processed correctly and do not bring up transaction failures through having the wrong branch codes.

Alternatively, if you wish to use a specific branch code you can use FNB’s branch locator tool to get the correct branch code.

FNB Branch Near You

To find out the nearest FNB branch to you, simply go online and use their branch locator tool and see which branches are within your reach.

FNB Branch Locator: How it works

To find a specific FNB branch:

01. Simply go to FNB’s branch locator page.
02. Enter branch name, city, or province.
03. Use the input boxes below to choose branches which allow bookings, offers wifi or with extended hours etc.
04. Press enter and it will populate the branch results for you, showing name of branch, operating hours and so forth.