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FNB Vehicle Finance Loans

fnb vehicle finance

FNB Vehicle Finance – FNB has been a cornerstone in the financial sector since its founding in 1838, offering a variety of financial and insurance goods and services, including Vehicle Finance solutions.

Vehicle financing is a great option for those who can’t afford to buy a car outright, and it’s a simple and inexpensive method to get a car while paying it off over time.

Anyone may now purchase their ideal car thanks to FNB automotive financing!

Types of FNB Vehicle Finance available

FNB Vehicle Finance is primarily available in three forms: dealership financing, private vehicle financing, and leisure financing.

Dealership Finance

Dealership Finance is a type of financing that allows you to buy a car from a dealership that is up to ten years old and having the dealership complete the application on your behalf.

The loan process takes place at the dealership level, and you will not need to contact FNB directly because the dealer will deal with them until your car finance is authorized.

You may select between a fixed or variable interest rate loan, as well as a fair Balloon payment or residual value that matches your agreement value, using this choice.

After you make a deposit, Fnb will finance the car for at least R30 000.

Private Vehicle Finance

Private Vehicle Finance is a service that allows you to finance the purchase of private automobiles up to 20 years old that must be tested at FNB certified testing facilities around the country.

You may select between fixed and variable financing rates with this option, and FNB will register the car on your behalf.

After you’ve paid a deposit, FNB will finance the car for at least R30 000.

Leisure Vehicle Finance

Leisure Vehicle Finance is a loan that allows you to acquire new or used recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, caravans, boats, classic or antique automobiles, and so on.

You may select between fixed and variable interest rates with this option, and FNB will finance the car for at least R30 000 once you make a deposit.

FNB Vehicle Finance Qualifying Criteria

To apply for FNB Vehicle Finance, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid South African ID.

You must also have a valid drivers license, be employed full-time and have a good credit history, be earning at least R6 000 per month and provide your most recent pay slip, and provide your most recent proof of residence, which must be no more than 3 months old.

FNB Vehicle Finance Contact Details

If you want to learn more about how to apply for FNB Vehicle Finance, go to their website, www.fnb.co.za, and read more about it. You may also contact them at 0860 362 227 to talk with one of their advisors.

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