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How can I send a Telkom Mobile Please Call Me?

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There are a lot of people who are interested in knowing about Telkom’s please call me feature and how to send a free Telkom  Please call me back SMS.

The simplest way to send a please call me using Telkom Mobile is by dialing *140*Number# USSD code. USSD codes are used by mobile service providers to improve the services they deliver to their clients.

Each telcoms network has its own USSD code that serves a particular purpose. On various service providers, certain USSD codes may be used in the same way. Customers may use Telkom USSD codes to get balance inquiries, subscriptions, and airtime top-ups, among other things.

What Is  Telkom Mobile’s Please Call Me service?

Please call me from Telkom Mobile is a free message sent from a phone to another phone using the USSD code, requesting that they call you back urgently. A person must dial the Telkom call back number (*140*Receiver’s Number#) and press enter to send a please call me message.

The sender can also change the “Please Call Me” to include a specific name or characters. Users can only write a restricted amount of characters in “Please call me Telkom.”

Why do people use the Please Call Me service?

There are a number of reasons why people may resort to using the please call me back feature from Telkom, and some of them include not having enough airtime, being stranded and need urgent assistance or when you know the recipient of the call back always calls.

How to do a Telkom Mobile “Please call me”?

Telkom Mobile’s call me back number is 140, and sending a “Please Call Me” on Telkom Mobile is as straightforward as it is on other South African networks.

You dial the *140* number on your phone, enter the person’s phone number, press #, and then click send. You will receive a message stating that the “Please Call Me” has been successfully sent once you have pushed the send button.

When calling *140# on Telkom Mobile, you can only send up to 5 “Please Call Me’s,” and you’ll get a few USSD menu choices, including altering a customized name and banning or unblocking the “Please Call Me” service.

Does this feature work with other networks?

The Please Call Me back feature on works on the Telkom network and doesnt send to other numbers on different networks like MTN or Vodacom.