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How long does it take to approve your home loan in South Africa?


Navigating the home loan approval process with banks such as Nedbank, FNB and ABSA is designed to be hassle-free. Once you’ve completed the essential paperwork and signatures, your loan could be approved within two weeks.

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, the prospect of applying for a home loan might feel overwhelming. Concerns about required documents, processing duration, and loan particulars can be discouraging. However, we’re here to empower you with confidence through the following steps and insights.

Step 1: Assess Loan Feasibility

Begin by evaluating your financial capacity and checking your credit standing before initiating the application process. It’s vital to gauge whether adding a bond payment to your current expenses is feasible. Moreover, maintaining a positive credit history is essential. You can easily access a complimentary credit assessment through TransUnion or My Credit Check.

Step 2: Identify Your Dream Home

Prior to initiating your loan application, it’s advisable to have a specific property in mind. Consult with a real estate agent and explore available properties that align with your preferences. Ensuring that your desired property is within your budget is crucial to managing future repayments. Our user-friendly tool can aid you in this aspect.

Step 3: Gather Application Documents

With a clear understanding of your financial standing and a property choice, you’re ready to commence the application process. Standard documents such as your identification, income verification, expenses, purchase offer, and banking details are typically required. Our comprehensive checklist streamlines the preparation of your application.

Step 4: Patience During Evaluation

Anticipate a reasonable wait time for the evaluation and approval process. This period can span from seven days to two weeks once all documentation is received and duly signed. Embrace this interval, as meticulous assessment ensures a sound decision. Upon approval, the transition to property ownership, including legal aspects, commences.

Step 5: Navigating Legal Formalities

After securing loan approval, you’ll embark on the legal procedures necessary to transfer property ownership and utilities into your name. It’s crucial to acknowledge that certain costs, such as transfer fees, might not be covered by the loan. To navigate this, ensure you’re financially prepared for these expenses. Seek advice from your advisor before finalizing the application to possess a comprehensive understanding.

How long does it take for Nedbank to approve a home loan?

At Nedbank, they are dedicated to facilitating your journey to homeownership, ensuring transparency, and providing expert guidance every step of the way. The home loan application process can take between one to two weeks depending on factors such as when you lodged in the application, the documents you submitted, various checks they carry out before approving your application etc.

How long does it take for FNB to approve a home loan?

Normally, FNB completes comprehensive credit checks and document evaluation within about a week for home loan approval. However, this duration could be prolonged due to various factors, including application delays or issues with client-provided documents.