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How much is a 2008 R5 Mandela Coin?

R5 mandela coin

Have you ever stumbled across a 2008 Nelson Mandela 90th birthday R5 coin? If this is the case, you’re probably keen to exchange it for 5,000 Rand or more. One of the most sought-after coins is the 2008 Mandela coin.

As a result of the limited number in circulation, it is quite valuable. Of course, it’s critical to recognize that there are numerous sorts of R5 Mandela coins, and they’re not all created equal.

Millions of R5 coins commemorating former President Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday are still widely misvalued a dozen years after they were initially produced.

Hundreds of individuals phone Rael Demby, COO of the South African Gold Coin Exchange and The Scoin Shops, every day to inquire about these coins.

Types Of Mandela Coins in circulation

You should be aware that Mandela coins come in a variety of designs. The most significant difference between them is when they were made available to the public. The Nelson Mandela 90th birthday coin was launched in 2008.

This coin is now regarded to be one of the most valuable in the world. This coin commemorates Mandela’s 90th birthday, as the name suggests. The Millennium Coin from 2000 is likewise quite uncommon. This coin was created to honor Mandela after he stepped down as State President. Mandela’s inauguration as President is commemorated on the 1994 Inauguration coin.

How much is the 2008 Mandela 5 Rand Coin Worth?

If you’re really fortunate, you might be able to obtain a 2008 Mandela 5 Rand Coin. As previously said, this is the rarest and most precious Mandela coin.

The bimetallic coins show Nelson Mandela’s bust as well as South Africa’s national arms. These coins were not worth much in the beginning. In reality, prior to Mandela’s death, one of these coins could have been purchased for between $5 and $15. This has altered dramatically.

Value of Mandela R5 Coin after his death

As previously stated, the value of the Mandela R5 Coin skyrocketed upon the President’s death. This coin is now regarded as the most valuable Mandela coin of all time.

Three of these coins sold for R100,000 apiece a few years ago. The coins may be worth considerably more now. As long as you do your research and locate the correct buyer, you should be able to make a fair profit.

Where to sell Mandela Coins

If you have a lot of Mandela R5 coins, you’ll be glad to know that there are several venues where you can get rid of them. Of course, you may utilize BidorBuy, eBay, and other online auction sites, which are excellent since people from all over the world can actually go into bidding wars over your coins.

While this may give the greatest rates, if you don’t have the time to wait for others to engage in a bidding war, you have alternative options. Selling to a coin manufacturer might be one of these choices.

As you are aware, all Mandela coins are valuable. Nonetheless, the top rank is held by the 2008 Mandela 5 Rand coin. This coin is quite precious. Remember to proceed with caution while attempting to sell your currency. Choose a reliable dealer and ensure that you receive top price for the coin!