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How Social Media can help grow your business

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Social media has traditionally been used as a social interaction platform where people interact with friends and family across different social media sites, but there has been a significant shift in companies using these platforms to market their products and services over the last few years.

Facebook and Instagram have seen a huge increase in advertising spending by businesses that spend thousands, if not millions, every month marketing their brands.

People login to different social media platforms and this alone provides an exciting opportunity for businesses to engage with them and gather crucial customer data to help them make more informed marketing decisions.

Benefits of using Social Media

1 – Real-time Valuable Customer / Competitor Insights

When people go to social media, they talk about their lives, their interests, likes , dislikes, reviews of certain brands, and from this data, you can get their feelings that give Valuable Customer Insights.

Getting Valuable Customer Insights will allow you, as a brand, to tailor your advertising to suit individual user interests by sending specific ads to specific groups.

Social media can also help you know what your competitors are up to, their marketing strategies, their promotions, and so on.

This information can help you develop a marketing strategy to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

2 – Promote Brand Visibility

One of the best benefits of using social media for your business is increasing your brand visibility, enabling potential customers to learn more about you as a brand and gain loyal followers.

You can use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote your products or services, the benefits of using your brand or any other benefits that may be derived from your brand that may appeal to any potential customer.

3 – Build Relationships with customers

Traditional advertising has not, in the past, matched specific ads with a specific customer , for example, an advertisement by a car rental company in a local newspaper was seen by a wide audience who did not necessarily need that service.

Social media brands can specify their target demographics, which can be broken down by age , gender, interests and so on.

4 – Increase Website Traffic

Social media is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website, and shares that are posted to these social platforms also help with organic search results rankings in search engines such as Google or Bing.

Facebook and Twitter allow brands to share a web link that will drive traffic to that specific web page and increase domain authority over time.

Ways to use Social Media to grow your business

1 – Use Facebook Ads

Facebook’s social network allows businesses to advertise their brand using various paid advertisements in user feeds or sidebars, and can use their platform algorithms to view users’ browsing behavior, age, location to serve relevant ads.

Facebook will also allow you to promote posts to your follower ‘s network and their friends, and is one of the most cost-effective ways to get maximum exposure for your business.

2 – Content is King

Content creation is one of the best ways to connect with your brand audience and potential customers. Social media platforms such as Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin and even Instagram allow you to publish content for free.

You can write articles that specify the advantages of your products and services and share them with your news feed in groups that increase your brand awareness.

3 – Post Pictures and Videos

When you post visuals such as images or videos, you attract the attention of your potential clients. Social media platforms such as Facebook give you the ability to post images or videos on your news feed that can be shared by different users on your network.