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How to Reverse FNB eWallet

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In South Africa, sending and receiving money may be simpler than ever thanks to platforms such as FNB eWallet, Nedbank Send iMali, ABSA CashSend among many others. Just by simply using your smartphone, you can easily send and receive funds in real-time from the convenience of your home, office or even in transit.

With advancements in today’s technology people can now transact their various financial services from any device that has internet. FNB account holders can use eWallet or any other financial transactions using their smartphone or any other internet-capable devices.

What makes FNB eWallet popular among the financial products is that it is easy to use for both the sender and receiver, and doesnt require a bank account on the part of the beneficiary. Despite these value added benefits, mistakes do happen.

Many people have sent eWallets to wrong recipients and most do not know how to reverse it.
Cancelling an eWallet transaction on the FNB app is just as important as sending money or completing a transaction. Users can retrieve money that was sent to the wrong address by accident.

When sending money, a user may make a mistake if they provide the wrong mobile number or bank account number. Because funds sent via the FNB e-Wallet can be accessed and used immediately, it’s vital that you understand how to cancel a transaction as soon as you realize it was made in error. So, exactly does the FNB app go about reversing an e-Wallet transaction?

How to cancel an eWallet using the FNB App

It may be frustrating to discover that you committed an error in your e-Wallet transaction. When users discover they have made a mistake in a transaction, they frequently freak out. If you are going through personal pressures, you are more likely to make mistakes rather than correct the situation. As a result, you must control your emotions and remain calm when you discover you transferred money to the wrong location.

To reverse your e-wallet and send money back to your account, follow these steps:

  • Press *120*321# on the dial pad of your phone.
  • A prompt will pop up and you must simply choose the “Send Money” which is option 4.
  • You’ll see a fresh set of instructions on your screen. Select “eWallet Reversal,” option 5
  • You’ll see a list of transactions on your screen. Select the particular transaction you want to reverse.

To cancel an already-completed transaction, you can also get in touch with the FNB Contact Center during business hours. To reach the FNB call center, please:

  • For inquiries regarding how to undo an eWallet transaction on the FNB app, call 0875750362.
  • 0875750362 is for inquiries regarding online FNB eWallet reversals
  • 0875759405 is for inquiries regarding the reversal of FNB eWallet for mobile banking transactions

You can pick a third alternative to address your problem if none of these two seem good enough. This is how to get in touch with the FNB complaints resolution desk 0875759408 or care@fnb.co.za.

For your issue to be rapidly remedied, you must fully describe your problem and include all necessary details in an email to the complaints resolution desk. When you contact the complaints resolution desk, nevertheless, you are more likely to receive prompt service.

Important Information about FNB e-Wallet Reversal

If you use the FNB eWallet to send money to the incorrect address, you must call customer service to initiate a reversal. If the registered recipient number works, the reverse process is then started, and the funds removed from a recipient account may arrive in the sender’s account after a maximum of 4 working days.

However, if the ‘wrong’ recipient doesn’t answer their phone or the phone number isn’t functional, the money from the reversed transaction can arrive in the sender’s account after a maximum of fifteen business days.

There is a fee for the FNB e-Wallet reversal transaction. You will generally have to pay an R50 fee in order to have the money returned to your account. Despite the fact that this option is accessible, FNB does not promise reverse safety.

It is advised that you double-check everything before sending money to your target receiver. A quick summary of the steps you must take to make a successful eWallet FNB transaction on your app is provided below:

  • Choose your chosen choice. e.g., an e-Wallet transaction can be completed via an ATM, mobile banking, online banking, or a mobile app. We will employ the mobile app in this instance.
  • Select the Send Money option, then enter the recipient’s mobile number and confirm that it is accurate by clicking e-Wallet Key.
  • Determine whether the app should give your recipient a PIN.
  • Specify the sum you would like to send to the receiver.
  • In order to complete the transaction, click send

The receiver will get a message prompt when the transaction is finished alerting them that money has been deposited into their account. The recipient must visit any nearby ATM in order to withdraw money, then you must carry out the following actions:

  • On the ATM’s screen, select FNB cardless service from the available options. Push the e-Wallet services button.
  • Enter your mobile number, then select “Proceed” from the menu.
  • Fill out the prompt message during the money transfer transaction with the ATM PIN that was supplied to you. Select the amount of the withdrawal you would like to take.
  • Take the money you withdrew and make sure your transaction was successful by checking it twice. Additionally, you have the option to exit the ATM by pressing the “Cancel” button.
  • If you decide not to withdraw the money, you can use your FNB e-Wallet to purchase airtime, services, goods, or payment for utilities.

The Many Advantages of eWallet on the FNB App

No matter how much money is sent each time, FNB clients can utilize eWallet to manage their daily spending by paying merchants electronically or sending money to one another without incurring any fees.

Through internet banking, customers can simply keep tabs on their spending and establish limits to make sure their account stays within predefined boundaries.

FNB e-Wallet is safe and just uses the user’s mobile phone number to function; an internet connection is not necessary.

Unlike direct bank account transfers, which could take five days, money sent using an eWallet can be spent right away.

Customers save money on fees by using this app, which is another fantastic perk! Typically, banks charge 10 cents for every R250 transaction. There are no such fees, so you never have to be concerned about them.

Regardless of your location or time zone, you can send money right away. Another option is to organize your pals into a group and pay money to them all at once.

FNB eWallet FAQs

How can I tell if the balance in my FNB eWallet has been reversed?

Contact FNB Customer Care Number 087 575 9405 and have your card number ready, which is located on the back of your card next to the expiration date, as well as your PIN are required. Please get in touch with us at 087 575 9405 for assistance if you are unclear about your PIN or have forgotten it. You can reach a person in Afrikaans by calling 087 575 9405 or sending an email to info@fnbgroup.co.za. Assistance will be provided in both English and Afrikaans, as appropriate.

Does my FNB eWallet always reverse the withdrawals I make from it?

No. Reversals will only occur in cases when the transaction value is more than the available balance in your eWallet. Daily withdrawals are permitted up to your existing balance limit.

What must I do in the event that my FNB eWallet is reversed?

Call 087 575 9405 for English-speaking support or 087 575 9405 for Afrikaans-speaking support to reach our customer service staff, or send an email to info@fnbgroup.co.za.

What takes place if my FNB eWallet is compromised?

Improve your security by taking the following actions:

  • Make sure you don’t tell anyone your PIN code.
  • After using an ATM, always log out.
  • Any unlawful transactions must be reported right away.

To help FNB temporarily block your account, you must submit information about card transactions as well as loss or theft of your card and PIN. If you believe that someone else is also aware of these particulars, do let FNB know as well.

This service is provided without charge. The bank will get in touch with you and inform you of the next steps and any further security measures they may take to secure your eWallet if they observe odd activity on your FNB eWallet.