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Iemas Financial Services Loans

iemas financial services loans

Iemas Financial Services Loans are personal loans that you can use for any of your financial needs, with repayment terms of up to 60 months. Their loans are designed to your specific needs and finances, and they come with a variety of features, including affordable interest rates.

Iemas Financial Services is the largest financial cooperative in South Africa. It offers a broad range of low-cost and competitive financial products and services through contractual partnerships with over 620 Employer Groups in South Africa.

Iemas has amassed a plethora of experience supporting its members with their personal finances over the course of its 80-year history.

Among the services and products offered by the company are secured asset lending, such as vehicle financing and pension-backed lending, complete insurance solutions, unsecured financing, such as school loans and personal loans, and a nationally renowned purchasing card.

Types of Iemas Financial Services Loans available

Personal Loans

These credit options offer you from R1000 to as much as R200 000 which you can utilize to meet all your financial commitments.

Emergency Loans

These are credit solutions that you can take out when you are in a tough emergency circumstance and need access to quick cash, and you can get up to R6 000 with them.

Consolidation Loans

These Iemas Financial Services credit loans can be utilized to combine and settle all existing various debts, leaving you with a single manageable debt.

My Home Loans

These are loan packages backed by your pension that you can use to renovate your property, adding those things that increase the value and appearance of your house.

Why choose Iemas Financial Services Loans?

Iemas Financial Services Loans provides unsecured and secured loans to help you meet your financial responsibilities. The amount of money you are eligible for is determined by your credit history and affordability. Iemas conducts credit checks and affordability evaluations in accordance with the National Credit Regulator’s requirements.

Iemas Financial Services Loans include low interest rates and flexible monthly payments that can last up to 60 months. Get up to R200 000 in cash transferred immediately into your bank account.

Iemas Loans offers Credit Life Cover, which pays off your outstanding loan in the event of a calamitous occurrence such as retrenchment, permanent incapacity, or even death. In addition to personal loans, Iemas offers insurance, burial coverage, and savings programs, all of which you can take advantage of if you become a member.

Iemas Financial Services Application Requirements

To apply for a loan from Iemas Financial Services, you must be over the age of 18, have a South African ID, and give your most recent proof of income, bank statements, and proof of residency.

Iemas Financial Services Contact Details

For more information on how to apply for and qualify for Iemas Financial Services Loans, call 0861043627, SMS “Loans” to 32297, or visit their website at www.iemasfinancialservices.co.za.

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