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iHub is Kenya’s Rising Silicon Valley

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iHub is Kenya’s creative technology and start-up platform and provides an open space for technologists, investors and technology companies to connect.

It has been a catalyst for growth in the technology sector in Nairobi since its inception in 2010.

iHub is well placed to become the Sillicon Valley of Africa with its creative hub, which has supported more than 170 start-ups and recruited more than 16 000 members.

According to some recent estimates, Africa has more than 600 tech hubs across the continent, and while there are no official tech ranking figures, iHub is certainly at the top of that list.

What is iHub?

iHub is an open collaboration space that promotes a collaborative atmosphere for investors and start-ups and provides a forum that helps young tech entrepreneurs contribute to the future of African innovation and technology.

The technology hub based in Nairobi was launched in March 2010 by blogger, entrepreneur and TED Fellow Erik Hersman with the goal of creating a vibrant co-working atmosphere where different programmers, technologists, entrepreneurs, developers, investors and researchers may meet and exchange ideas.

Their mission has always been to create an environment that encourages creativity and solves local problems through the use of technology.

Their members have access to mentorship services, start-up and product creation workshops or activities, investment support from local and foreign donors.

Some of their activities include Random Hacks of Kindness (RHOK), Mobile Monday, BarCamp, AfricaHackOn InfoSec Conference just to name a few.

The iHub group includes creators, developers, designers, engineers, researchers, technologists, among many others.

iHub Partners

iHub has roped in major technology partners such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, just to name a few, and is home to a software start-up called Ushahidi, which collects information on crisis situations in countries such as Chile, Haiti, India , Russia, and so on.

With the boom in technology hubs in Africa, analysts are seeing an increase in the technology sector in several African countries over the next few years, and this might see the sector contributing more to the country’s GDP.

As of September 2019 it was revealed on their website ihub.co.ke that Co-Creation Hub had acquired iHub.

Co-Creation Hub is one of Nigeria’s largest and multi faceted technology hubs, even attracting Mark Zuckerberg to its offices in 2016 during his African trip.