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Inside Collen Mashawana’s R30 million mansion

collen mashawana mansion

Mzansi is intrigued by Collen Mashawana’s R30 million property which is a palace befitting a monarch. Mashawana is one of South Africa’s richest businesspeople, with a reputed net worth of R270 million. He is unquestionably a sheikh in his own right.

Mashawana, however, has succeeded in keeping his personal life a secret. According to rumours, he has known President Cyril Ramaphosa for a very long time.

Although keeping his private life a secret, social media has allowed Mzansi to gain access to it.

When his mansion, which was inspired by Dubai, went viral, Mashawana dominated the news. It is the height of luxury and has a certain Dubai atmosphere.

Mashawana and his family live together as one large family, just like Arabs. Its estimated value, according to several publications, is R30 million.

The number of rooms in the home is undisclosed. Social media has allowed Mzansi to have a behind-the-scenes look at his home.

– video courtesy of drew Tman youtube channel

The home has towering walls and contemporary furniture that are complemented with artefacts. Chandeliers fall from the roof, giving the manor some life.

The stunning mansion features a large parking lot and helipad outside.

Mashawana has garnered a lot of attention for his charity endeavours in addition to his Dubai-inspired home.

Via his foundation, he has constructed homes for a number of disadvantaged people in and around Limpopo.

According to rumours, Mashawana is the brains behind the investments made by AFRIBIZ. Although he has considerable pockets, nothing is known about his opulent lifestyle.

Thembi Seete, a star of Gomora, has a child with Mashawana. According to reports, they have a son together and have been doing a good job of co-parenting. The two allegedly made their relationship official in 2018, according to The Citizen.

While frequently gushing about her husband, Seete has managed to keep his identity a secret.