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Is Your Job A Bad Match? Here’s How To Know

is your job right for you

When we graduate from college, we’re so optimistic about having our first job. This is something that excites us, and we have so many expectations about it.

However, we tend to feel disappointed when we start working, and it’s not exactly how we thought it would be. Now, there’s a difference between having a couple of things we don’t like and completely hating our job.

If you happen to have the wrong job, it may feel daunting and very challenging, but you shouldn’t stay there too long after you realize it.

We’ve come up with this guide to show you if you’re on the wrong career path. Here are some of the reasons to leave your job:

You No Longer Enjoy Your Daily Tasks

Let’s face it, regardless of what your job is, you’re not always going to feel happy about it. Yet, we still have reasons to stay, and we know that we like our job in a general way.

However, if you still feel there are no reasons to stay at your company, you may be in the wrong job.

Motivation and passion are vital factors that make us stay. But when you’re no longer able to find motivation, you may feel frustrated during your time there. So, the best thing to do is to leave that job that doesn’t make you happy.

Don’t stay there too long if you’re going through this. Remember that you can always find another job with good salary and benefits, but it’s important to feel happy with what you do.

They’ve Asked You To Do Things You Weren’t Hired For

When your employer hired you, he probably told you what activities you were going to do. However, when you started to work, your managers asked you to do different things that were not in the job description.

It’s ok to do it once in a while, but you should consider leaving that job when it becomes a habit. This situation happens more commonly than you may think.

Many companies trick potential employees by showing them a great job description, and they end up working at something else. Don’t let this happen to you.

If you’re currently going through this, take a step back and reevaluate your decision to stay there.

They Don’t Offer Career Growth Opportunities

We all want to grow inside our company. That’s usually the main reason why some people stay too long.

They’ve dedicated years of experience to their company, and they expect their employer will pay off by giving them a promotion. But in bad companies, this never happens.

Other companies that invest in their employees don’t mind offering them career advancement, but others don’t consider this a necessary thing.

That’s why you need to evaluate if your company is giving you room to grow or not. They don’t necessarily need to pay for a bachelor’s degree.

Even by just offering corporate training, they’d be helping their workers to grow professionally.

Your Compensation Is Not Reasonable

Many people romanticize the phrase “it’s not only about money; it’s about what makes you happy” when they’re talking about work.

And although it is right at some point, we cannot underestimate the value of our job. If you have a terrible salary regardless of how many times you asked your boss for a wage increase, then it’s time to leave that job.

If, on the other hand, you feel unsure about how much you should earn, you could visit websites like Glassdoor or Indeed.

This way, you’ll have an idea of how much you should make based on your profession and location.

You’re Uncomfortable Giving Your Opinion

This is another essential factor to consider. When you realize you’re not able to express your opinion, you should start thinking about the idea of leaving your current job.

This is a huge sign that warns you this company has a toxic work environment where employees cannot give their opinion.

Maybe you’re thinking, “oh, it’s just an unpopular opinion.” But that is just an excuse. Companies with healthy work environment encourage their workers to speak out loud their ideas.

This not only makes them feel comfortable there, but it also improves their creativity at work.

For that reason, it’s essential for you to feel like yourself at work. If you’re unable to provide your opinion and give your ideas, you shouldn’t stay at that particular company.


There are many reasons why you could leave a job. You just need to evaluate your situation to know whether your job is the right fit or not.

Remember that the most crucial step is to identify your problem. Then you can move from there to make a decision.