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Liberty Life Insurance Cover

liberty life insurance cover

Liberty Life Insurance – There are thousands of insurers in South Africa providing different insurance coverage, and it can be a difficult challenge to pick the right one to meet the particular needs.

The good news is that Liberty Life Insurance has a variety of covers that can be tailored to meet your individual needs, including salary coverage, life insurance coverage, illness coverage and disability coverage.

Types of Liberty Life Insurance Cover

Through their Life Insurance Cover, you’ll be able to make sure that your family is taken care of when you’re dead, and even though most people don’t like talking about death, it’s crucial to prepare your family’s future properly and leave them in a better position.

Liberty Life Insurance Cover

With the Liberty Life Insurance Cover, you’ll be entitled to get a lump sum payment of up to R10 million free of all taxes, and you can get as many beneficiaries as you like.

Payout is instant and does not have any secret clauses.

The sum payable depends on a variety of factors, including items like your age, gender, salary, smoking habits, educational qualifications, and so on.

After your death Liberty will pay out a cash lump sum to your nominated beneficiaries, giving them that future security.

Liberty Salary Protection Cover

The Liberty Salary Protection Cover is ideal to help you survive a spell of unemployment due to unexpected injuries at work or sickness that would make it difficult for you to continue working.

The Salary Protection Plan allows you to earn a steady income before you find work. The cover costs up to 90% of your monthly salary and amounts to a limit of R40 000.

Apply for the Liberty Salary Security Cover from a minimum monthly payment of R248.

This cover can help you in those tough times when you lose your job and will start three months after your last payment from your employer.

Liberty Illness Cover

Liberty Illness Cover gives you cash in your wallet ranging from R100 000 to R2 million duty-free which you can use to pay hospital bills, see a doctor, hire a 24-hour nurse to help you recover, and so on.

Frank will cover particular diseases that are considered to be serious diseases by a licensed doctor, including Stroke, Heart Attack, Open Heart Surgery and Cancer.

With this scheme, you will have to maintain an honest policy with them, which means that you will have to inform them of changes in jobs, changes in smoking patterns, travel on board in particular to high risk areas, etc.

Liberty Disability Insurance

Liberty Disability Insurance is a provision that applies to you in the event that you are physically injured at work and that you can no longer do your duties.

Under this scheme, you will be entitled to get a lump sum payment of up to R3 million, which is tax-free, which you will use to pay for specialized medical bills, with a monthly premium of as low as R126..

Medical evidence to validate your condition is required as you say, and this would preclude cases where you are self-harmed or self-inflicted with a disability which is not insured.

Liberty Life Insurance Contact Details

Get more information on which LibertyLife Insurance cover is best for you by simply visiting their website www.liberty.co.za, enjoy tax-free and timely lump payout.

You can also give their consultants on 0860 111 737 and they will gladly assist you with any questions.

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