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Livestock Wealth is Africa’s Next Big Investment Opportunity

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Most people when they think of investments they think of shares, unit trusts and so on, but most would not imagine that their investment would be eating grass in the pastures of KwaZulu Natal.

Ntuthuko Shezi’s company is offering Africans the opportunity to invest in crowd funding platform that invests in cows, and believe it or not cattle wealth offers annual returns much higher than that of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Africans have for centuries believed that cattle were a source of wealth, the more one had the wealthier they were.

One entrepreneur took that belief and combined it with technology to offer one of the first digital crowd-farming companies in Africa.

Shezi launched Livestock Wealth at the end of 2015 with the aim of making investments more easily and relatable for ordinary South Africans.

Investors wishing to invest in this venture can simply visit their website and choose a pregnant heifer from the various listings and add it to the shopping cart.

They will accept the investment terms and pay for it either by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

Livestock Wealth is a start-up that combines tradition with technology and offers a platform where people can purchase cows as a form of investment and manage them online without getting their hands and feet dirty.

Investors can purchase a cow online for R10 500 and a monthly fee of R295 and Livestock Wealth will give them a share certificate while managing the investor’s portfolio.

The cow that the investor buys delivers calves every year, and they are then sold to slaughterhouses, and according to them the money is distributed equally among all investors.

Shezi says his investment in Livestock Wealth is targeted at people who find it hard to understand how the stock market works and those who simply need to create wealth by owning cattle.

Investors can manage their investments online or through the app, and will have access to a portfolio manager who will keep them up to date.

For more detailed information visit their website www.livestockwealth.com and find out more information from there.