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Check out MaMkhize’s Expensive Car Collection

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MaMkhize’s lavish lifestyle and luxurious automobiles are the most talked-about features of her existence.

The South African businesswoman’s fame rose after her reality program, Kwa MaMkhize, gave the public a front-row seat to her life.

MaMkhize is among the richest and most accomplished female entrepreneurs in the country, having a plethora of accomplishments to show for her efforts.

While some perceive her as a major inspiration and a role model, many see her as a crooked entrepreneur who benefited unfairly from government deals.

MaMkhize is also well-known on social media, where she posts ominous photographs and intimate details about her private life, family, and accomplishments.


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MaMkhize owns some of the World’s Most Expensive Automobiles

Many folks analyze what car their favourite celebrities drive, what expensive clothes they wear, and do when you are in the public spotlight.

Several of the pleasures of being famous and well-known is that you can drive whatever antique or exotic automobile you choose.


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MaMkhize’s penchant for luxury automobiles with extravagant amenities is, as previously said, one of the most talked-about elements of her existence.

It’s one appealing aspect of her personality that leads others to feel she does have the freedom to spend her money whatever she wants.


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MaMkhize is among wealthiest women in South Africa, but she is also one of the few who has made a business of vehicle collecting.

Every one of the cars in her garage are luxury items, and she takes great care in them. The tv Personality is a big enthusiast of high-end automobiles, and she’s spent a lot of her family’s money on them.


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She has a particular fondness for Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz, two of the world’s most prestigious automobile manufacturers.

MaMkhize’s auto fleet is adored and wished for by most people in the country. It’s no wonder that she has multiple really costly automobiles because she has accumulated a staggering net worth via her various pursuits.


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She owns a R16 million  Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black badge and R6 million RR Phantom, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, a Maserati GranTurismo are just a few of her current exotics.

Although this entrepreneur enjoys appearing with her automobiles, she does not share all of them with her millions of Instagram followers.


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She made her vast wealth through her business ventures that include the Zukhulise Group which she started with her former husband in 2003, Kwa Ma’mkhize Reality Show and soccer team Royal AM FC.

Some of MaMkhize’s Luxury Car Collection

Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black worth R16 million

MaMkhize’s most recent fancy wheel is this one. In April 2021, shortly after her birthday, she added this stunning luxury vehicle to her garage. It is thought that she bought the car to be blessed for the significant occasion. The price tag on the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black badge is staggering—R16 million. She hasn’t been frequently spotted in the vehicle since she purchased it.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti worth R3 million

MaMkhize is said to have spent a mind-blowing R3 million on this exquisite trip. However, we don’t know when the entrepreneur bought her Ferrari 612. MaMhkize rarely drives her 612 because she prefers to park it in her ominous garage.

Rolls-Royce Ghost worth R4.8 million

Shauwn is elegant in every way. Everything about her exudes grandeur and luxury, from her clothing to her crib and vehicles. She also has a high-end Rolls-Royce Ghost, which retails for about R4.8 million. She rarely uses this car for travel, however she has been spotted in it occasionally while taking photos.

Rolls-Royce Phantom worth R6 million

Additionally, the queen of highlights has a Rolls-Royce Phantom that is rarely seen on Mzansi roads. Nobody is sure why she doesn’t drive her Rolls Royces like some of her other vehicles, but we can assume there must be a good explanation. The social media influencer has them parked in her garage, which is more significant than whether or not she decides to utilize them.

Her type of garage is uncommon in the country, therefore she is clearly at the top of her game. The remarkable features of this car, which has a suggested retail price of R6 million, can only make one daydream. It’s unclear if she purchased the posh car or received it as a gift.

Maserati GranTurismo worth R1 million

Not everyone wants to spend R1 million on a Maserati GranTurismo. It is an expensive exotic car intended for wealthy individuals. We are not surprised that it is one of MaMkhize’s high-end vehicles, though; after all, she is wealthy and has the skills to improve her garage.

MaMkhize prefers to drive her GranTurismo above her Rolls Royces. She always drives around in the car with a sense of accomplishment and as one who got to enjoy the products of her labor.

Bentley Bentayga worth R3 million

MaMkhize occasionally travels in this expensive vehicle. The car, which has a retail value of R3 million, has been sitting in the garage for a while. Several people claim that her son owns the Bentley Bentayga because he frequently rides in it as well.

Whatever belongs to someone in MaMkhize’s home, regardless of whether they use it or not, belongs to everyone. The TV star hasn’t stated whether or not the Bentley was a gift when she added it to her fleet of vehicles or what year she did so.

Dodge RAM 2500 Heavy Duty 6.7 L worth R1 million

Few people are aware of the family’s obscure automobile. It made an appearance on Kwa MaMkhize, MaMkhize’s reality program, although it has never been frequently spotted driving. The businesswoman doesn’t use it as frequently as her other vehicles, and she hasn’t shared any photos of herself in the vehicle on social media.

Recall that we already informed you that she doesn’t post all of her cars on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Well, besides the Dodge RAM, there might be more. It is unknown what year the businesswoman bought her Dodge RAM.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class S650 worth R3.6 million

The actress’s favorite vehicle is this one. She has appeared in it numerous times. Retail price for the always-stylish Mercedes-Maybach S-Class S650 is a staggering R3.6 million. She always looks gorgeous in the black exotic fancy wheel of the car, which is one of her official vehicles. The Maybach whip is worth R3.6 million, which is a significant sum of money.

Aston Martin DBX worth R3.6 million

We weren’t kidding when we said MaMkhize has an imposing garage. The businesswoman owns all the expensive vehicles stated above in addition to an Aston Martin DBX with an R3.6 million price tag. Although she doesn’t use this particular car frequently, she occasionally publishes pictures of it on her Instagram profile. The businesswoman purchased the vehicle a few years ago; the exact year is unknown.

Lamborghini Huracan worth R4.5 million

Although you don’t always get to witness her driving her Lamborghini Huracan, every time she gets in and out of it, she frequently exudes a goddess-like aura. She occasionally utilizes her Huracan, which has an R4.5 million value, for particular events. We don’t know if she purchased it herself or if it was a gift. MaMkhize has operated the vehicle a few occasions.

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG worth R2.4 million

MaMkhize like both modest and opulent automobiles, as well as those that are enormous and manly. The entrepreneur has arrived in it on occasion, despite it not being her favorite vehicle. The automobile is worth R2.4 million. It’s uncertain when the car was added to her collection and how she acquired it.

BMW 4 Series Convertible worth R1.2 million

MaMkhize appreciates BMW as well. One of her favorite vehicles is the 2020 BMW 4 series convertible, which is registered in her name. She has frequently been observed enjoying herself in the opulent vehicle. She recently purchased the expensive wheel, but she hasn’t specified when. Whether the car was a gift or not is unclear.

BMW i8

Every time she is spotted in this sporty vehicle, MaMkhize is in a groovy mood. Maybe she uses this car to feel “girly” and groove anytime she wants. Her favorite vehicle is a BMW i8. There is no public record of how much the car cost or when it first started parking in her garage.

Land Rover Defender 90

Only once has the businesswoman uploaded a photo of herself with his car to her Instagram account. It might be one of her rarely used vehicles. A luxury vehicle in South Africa, the Land Rover Defender 90 can only be afforded comfortably by those of MaMkhize’s class. The high-strength, heavy-duty D7x aluminum construction of this off-road Land Rover is the same as that of the Defender 110.