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Meet Adele’s son, Angelo Adkins

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Celebrity comes with both benefits and drawbacks. Apart from being an adorned figure, one is always scrutinized. As a result, the vast majority of famous personalities opt to keep their personal lives private. Angelo Adkins, Adele’s son, is a perfect example of this. Despite keeping him out of the spotlight, Angelo has sparked curiosity about his parents’ parenting approach.

What’s the backstory on him?

Adele Adkins, a Grammy Award-winning pop singer, gave birth to Angelo Adkins. He was born during Adele’s prime years, so most of her admirers anticipated to be able to enjoy that portion of her life with him.

Angelo, on the other hand, avoided the spotlight. When Adele divorced her husband, many people wondered what would become of him. What is his current location?

When his images initially appeared in the tabloids, it resulted in a privacy lawsuit. Is this evidence of his parents’ overprotection of him? When his parents split, though, everyone was concerned that his upbringing might alter. Interestingly, despite their broken marriage, he is the driving force behind his parents’ friendly relationship.

Angelo Adkins was born where?

Simon Konecki and Adele Laurie Blue Adkins welcomed him into the world on October 19, 2012. His parents had been dating for around a year when he was born. Adele’s son will be nine years old in 2022.

Simon Konecki, a charitable entrepreneur, is Angelo Adkins’ father. His parents began dating in mid-2011, but kept their relationship out of the public eye.

Adele acknowledged their marriage during the 59th Grammy Awards when she addressed Simon as her husband. During a concert in Australia in March 2017, she revealed that she was married.

The name Angelo

Following the customary speculation about Adele giving birth, fans began to wonder if the amazing singer would make an official declaration about the child’s name. However, the press conference was canceled, and three months later, she revealed that she was not ready to share the name of her kid.

However, a few days later, she was seen wearing a necklace with the name Angelo, which many assumed was the name of her son. Furthermore, Adele revealed her child’s first name is Angelo in a letter to Elton John in 2014, apologizing for missing his wedding.

What is Adele’s ex-husband’s profession?

Simon Konecki is a well-known entrepreneur. He was a director at EBS before joining Lehman Brothers to manage a team of senior brokers. He did, however, see the need to improve the world. As a result, he left the city to co-found Life Water, an eco-friendly bottled water company in the United Kingdom, with his buddy Lucas White. Drop4Drop, a nonprofit dedicated to providing clean water to impoverished nations, was founded as a result of the relocation.

Where did Adele’s husband go?

Their lovely marriage, which centered on providing a good environment for their kid to grow up in, terminated in 2021. Adele and Simon are said to have split up in 2019, however it’s unknown what caused the breakup. Adele has reportedly filed for divorce in the United States.

The judge decided in Adele’s favor in April 2020, allowing her to keep the specifics of her £140 million divorce private. The divorce was completed in March 2021, despite the fact that the pair had not signed a prenuptial agreement before marrying.

What happened to Angelo Adkins?

Adele and her ex-husband are discreet individuals who want to keep their personal life private. However, in 2013, invasive paparazzi images of their son were purportedly leaked by a UK-based agency during a family excursion. As a result, Simon and Adele sued the agency for invasion of privacy.

Adele dedicated a song to her son.

Adele’s third album includes the track Remedy, which is about her child. In an interview with The New York Times, Adele stated that she composed the song about her kid. When she wrote the song, she said she regained her creative confidence.

Angelo had no idea his mother was well-known.

Another fascinating aspect about Adele’s son is that he had no idea his mother was popular. He discovered her celebrity via her Instagram account. Adele’s kid had also been waiting a long time to see his mum perform. Finally, in October 2021, he saw Adele perform for the first time at the Adele One Night Only filming.