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Meet Tyler Perry’s Son Aman

Tyler Perry son aman

The majority of people want to know if Tyler Perry has kids, and for good reason too – the gifted billionaire actor, writer, producer, and director typically keeps his private life private.

Interestingly, Tyler Perry has a son with the same name called Tyler Aman Perry who was born in 2014 and whose mother was Perry’s previous partner Gelila Bekele.

aman tyler perry
aman tyler perry

The actor claimed that Gelila, his then-girlfriend, called him through FaceTime to inform him that she was expecting a child and ultimately, on November 30, 2014, the couple gave birth to a child.

The director explained how he kept things in order at home as Aman was beginning to walk in an appearance as a guest on “The Late Night Show” a year later. The producer claimed that in order to keep his son “baby proofed,” he constructed a cage-like structure filled with toys.

Being the only child of his prosperous parents, Aman receives good instruction and inherited a passion for a number of pursuits. Tyler talked about how his son acquired his father’s passion of reading and storytelling from an early age.

Who is Aman Tyler Perry mom?

Model, social activist, and documentary filmmaker Gelila Bekele is Aman Tyler Perry mom. She was born in Ethiopia and has spent the majority of her life traveling between Europe and the US.

Why Tyler Perry keeps his son out of the limelight?

Gayle King questioned Perry about raising a child that is experiencing life in a different way than how he did during their interview at the Tribeca Film Festival. He said that he has some distinct thoughts on how he wants to handle privilege.

While Tyler has frequently kept the specifics of his relationships and family life a secret, he was open about wanting to wait until Aman was older before talking to him about race.

Is Aman Tyler Perry privileged like most celebrity kids?

Tyler stated that he wanted his son to live a normal life, and wanted him to have his own life that doesn’t have the pressures of trying to live up to his famous dad.

Tyler Perry Talks his child discipline method

Although Tyler experienced severe verbal and physical abuse as a child, he has claimed that having Aman as a father has been a constant source of healing. Tyler recalled an encounter with Aman that brought up childhood emotions during an interview.

Tyler described how he once overheard Aman using foul language to chastise his babysitter. The actor claims that he contacted his son, sat down with him at eye level, and explained why Aman’s conduct were improper.

Tyler said that when he was being disciplined, he realized that no one had ever talked to him that way when he was a kid. Tyler treasures the gift of fatherhood and takes every opportunity to honour it.