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Priven Reddy’s Inspiring Rags to Riches Story

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Priven Reddy is a South African millionaire who most people are not even aware of, but whose company Kagiso Interactive is a multi-billion R4 billion company.

The founder and CEO of Kagiso Interactive has built his company to become one of the leading African companies specializing in artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, software and mobile application development.

His rags to the rich story begin in Chatsworth, where from the tender age of eleven he had to learn the values of hard work and honesty after his father had passed away.

After finishing high school, he took on jobs such as being a car guard and a waiter in a restaurant to help his struggling family to make ends meet.

Reddy is a self-made multi-millionaire, not bad for someone who started out as a car guard but whose determination to succeed in life made him reach where he is today.

Pravin lives the life that many people would die for, from driving the flashiest Lamborghinis, driving a helicopter, sailing a yacht to living in an expensive penthouse in one of Durban’s most expensive beachfront neighborhoods.

Kagiso Interactive

In 2006 he started Kagiso Interactive, which specializes in developing AI, web and mobile apps. His company was regularly voted Best Mobile Application Development in Africa and the Middle East with clients including Disney, Google, KFC, MTN, Hulu, XBOX, EA Games and Marvel Comics.


Pravin’s cryptocurrency start-up introduced the world’s first A.I enabled cryptocurrency investment that has the ability to trade on its own using A.I’s deep learning capability.

Krypteum uses over 80 tokenized block chain assets that allow it to make its own analysis to invest or disinvest without any human assistance.

The start-up was started after realising that he could build a platform that didn’t need users to sit 24 hours monitoring the markets, but could use AI to make those decisions on their behalf.


Dryvar is another start-up that Pravin owns and is set to take on Uber, with features that combine hourly car rental and on-demand taxi services. It edges over Uber by having a feature that allows you to choose the gender of the driver.

Dryvar also has a food delivery service it calls Dryvar Foods which was initially launched to cater for KwaZulu Natal but is set to be rolled out nationwide. The food delivery app is supported by Amazon’s artificial intelligence and machine learning software.