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Queen B, Bonang Matheba, living her best life

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Bonang Matheba popularly known as Queen B enjoys luxury and is comfortable living a lavish lifestyle, thanks to her staggering net worth of approximately $7.2 million (over R100 million).

Bonang, one of South Africa’s richest media personalities, has spent some of her money on expensive cars and a multi-million rand house in one of the country’s most beautiful estates. Her flashy lifestyle reflects her success as a radio and television personality, as well as a businesswoman.

Which estate is Bonang’s residence?

In 2018, the 34-year-old TV host purchased a modish and contemporary home on a tranquil country estate. Bonang’s mansion is located in Midrand, Gauteng, at the Waterfall County Suburb Estate. The estate is well-known for its luxurious amenities, which include squash courts, a Clubhouse, modern security, and gym facilities.

Bonang’s opulent interior design, is estimated to have been worth R14 million. It has one of the most beautiful living spaces and a black and white theme. It’s no surprise that the BNG Founder refers to her lovely home as a piece of heaven.


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Bonang’s house features

In June 2018, she gave the top billing team a tour of her home. Bonang quickly became the subject of public criticism. Nonetheless, the multi-award-winning TV host is not bothered about public opinion and continues to exhibit her stylish home on social media.

Joanne Reynolds designed the architectural design for her 400 square metre modern home, while Jessica Hofmeyr worked on the interior design together with Queen B. Exposed steel, timber, and concrete were used in the design to give the house an elegant industrial feel.

The modern home includes a lounge, a dining room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, a garden, a glassroom, a beautifully decorated staircase, a swimming pool, a white and black themed patio, and entertainment areas. The house was included in the SA Home Owner Magazine, December/January issue of in 2019.


The staircase depicts incredible creativity and expertise. It’s not only made of exposed concrete, but it’s also beautifully lined with photo frames telling the story of her rise to fame.


The mansion’s lounge has an L-shaped sofa and a trendy set of coffee tables with a touch of marble. The walls are covered in large black and white prints.

The glam room

The glam room is one of Bonang’s most stunning rooms. The room has a makeup table, shoe and bag shelves, a clothes rack, and a large mirror with lights.

Which of Bonang’s vehicles is the most expensive?

Bonang shows off her luxurious lifestyle on social media, which is the result of her hard work and remarkable efforts over the years. She collects exotic cars, which she refers to as her “baby girls.” Her supercars include the Maybach S500, Mercedes Benz G wagon,  Range Rover Sport, BMW I8 and Mercedes Benz C63 AMG.

The Mercedes Benz G wagon, which costs over R3 million, is the most expensive among her current fleet.

Mercedes Benz G wagon

Bonang bought this vehicle in 2015 as a Valentine’s Day gift for herself. It has a V8 engine and is worth over R3 million.

Maybach S500 (valued between R1.6 million-R3.2 Million)

Part of Bonang’s baby girls, she drives around Mzansi in the super ride, which resembles a sedan.

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (valued at around R2 Million)

The Diva also added this luxurious sports car to her already impressive car collection, demonstrating her deep fondness for Mercedes Benz products. The car is estimated around R2 million.

BMW i8 (valued at around R2.3 Million)

Bonang has shown her BMW i8 numerous times on social media platforms. It is one of the most expensive and luxurious cars. It is worth more than R2.3 million.

Range Rover Sport (valued at around R1 Million)


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Queen B can never have enough luxury vehicles in her garage. She possesses a Range Rover Sport that costs more than R1 million. Although it is not known when she purchased the vehicle, she has been seen driving it in the past years.