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SASSA Grants Payment Dates for 2023/24

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Here is an informative overview of the 2023/2024 South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Grants Payment Dates Schedule. This comprehensive schedule presents the specific dates for the disbursement of routine grants to eligible beneficiaries, encompassing children, disabled individuals, and elderly citizens of South Africa. Notably, this timetable does not apply to R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) payments.

According to SASSA, grant payments are planned for the second day of every month. In situations where these dates fall on a weekend, the payment will be processed on the subsequent Monday.

SASSA Grants Payment Dates Schedule

The following represents the 2023/2024 payment schedule for the various SASSA grants:

Older Persons Grants:

July 2023: 04/07/2023
August 2023: 02/08/2023
September 2023: 05/09/2023
October 2023: 03/10/2023
November 2023: 02/11/2023
December 2023: 01/12/2023
January 2024: 03/01/2024
February 2024: 02/02/2024
March 2024: 05/03/2024

Disability Grants:

July 2023: 05/07/2023
August 2023: 03/08/2023
September 2023: 06/09/2023
October 2023: 04/10/2023
November 2023: 03/11/2023
December 2023: 04/12/2023
January 2024: 04/01/2024
February 2024: 05/02/2024
March 2024: 06/03/2024

Children’s Grants:

July 2023: 06/07/2023
August 2023: 04/08/2023
September 2023: 07/09/2023
October 2023: 05/10/2023
November 2023: 04/11/2023
December 2023: 05/12/2023
January 2024: 05/01/2024
February 2024: 06/02/2024
March 2024: 07/03/2024

Different categories of SASSA beneficiaries receive varying amounts of grants monthly. Here are the amounts for each category:

Children’s Grants: R500
Older Persons (under 75 years): R2,080
Older Persons (over 75 years): R2,100
Disability Grants: R2,080

SASSA Grant Payment Eligibility

Eligibility for these grants is primarily based on the above-mentioned categories: children, disabled individuals, and older citizens. Other criteria include being a South African citizen or permanent resident, a parent, a primary caregiver, or a court-appointed foster parent. Income restrictions also apply, with a limit of R223,200 per annum for single earners, and a combined income limit of R446,400 per annum for married couples.

In addition, the child must be under 18 years of age, not under permanent care in a state institution, and require full-time, special care due to a severe disability.

Your grant may be discontinued due to several factors, such as the child reaching 19 years of age, the child being admitted to a state institution, the child’s absence from the country, or if the grant remains unclaimed for three consecutive months.

How to check your SASSA Grant Payment Status

You can check your SASSA grant payment status via the SRD website, WhatsApp, or the Moya App. Once your R350 grant application is approved for a given month, SASSA will deposit the grant into your account. The approval process includes verifying if you still qualify for the grant. Upon approval, you’ll receive a payment notification containing the payment date on your mobile number.

Changing your bank account for a SASSA Grant Payment

To change your bank account for a grant payment, visit the SRD website, navigate to ‘How do I change my banking details,’ enter your ID number, and follow the prompts. However, to avoid payment delays due to account verification, SASSA advises beneficiaries not to repeatedly change their banking details.

Beneficiaries have the flexibility to choose from several payment methods. These include bank account payments, which is the most recommended method; collection at retail outlets such as Checkers, Usave, Shoprite, Pick ‘n Pay, or Boxer store; or via Cash Send for beneficiaries without bank accounts.

You may also opt to receive cash payments by selecting the collection payment option, which will be made through authorized payment points and the Post Office. Grant collections can be made any day following the release date as per the above schedule.