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Shoprite Money Market


Shoprite Money Market allows its customers to transfer money, pay bills, top up prepaid packages, purchase goods or services, purchase tickets, make reservations, purchase gift cards, purchase savings stamps, and even purchase insurance.

When you have a Shoprite Money Market Account, you can make use their financial services by accessing them via our smartphone using the Shoprite App, or using their money market WhatsApp number 087 240 5709, or lastly through using the USSD code *120*3534#.

When you want to make deposits and withdrawals of money you can simply go to the money market counters available in Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers hyper, and Usave outlets.

Shoprite Money Transfer

Customers of Shoprite Money Market can transfer funds from their account to another account holder or to someone who does not have an account.

If the receiver does not have an account, they must have a cell phone number and a national identity card. A free R5 000 per day can be sent to an account holder. Sending to an unregistered individual is also free, however you may only send R4 999 every day.

Getting funds sent via Shoprite Money Transfer

Funds sent to a Shoprite Money Market account holder will be available two hours later. The intended recipient will receive an SMS telling them that the funds have been given to them. Then, in order to access the funds, they must register with the mobile phone number that was given to them.

Sending money via Ozow Instant EFT

If you need to transfer money fast but are unable to deposit it at a bank, you may use Ozow Instant EFT to wire money from your bank account to your money market account (Electronic Fund Transfer).

Cash deposits and withdrawals

These can be done at any Shoprite Money Market tills, which can be found at your local Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, and Usave. Deposits and withdrawals are both free, but only up to R5 000 each day. In any event, cash deposits should not exceed R25 000 per day.

Giving Grocery Vouchers

Anyone with a Shoprite Money Market account or a cell phone number can receive free grocery vouchers. These coupons are good for three years after purchase and may be exchanged for cash. Vouchers may only be redeemed once using the recipient’s SMS.

Getting grocery vouchers

Beneficiaries will get an SMS confirmation that they have received a grocery coupon. If they do not already have a money market account, they must sign up using the mobile phone number used to send the voucher. The voucher may then be redeemed at any Shoprite, Checkers, or Checkers Hyper store.

Prepaid Services

You may also buy airtime and data, make payments for other accounts, and play lotteries with Shoprite Money Market.

You may also buy other items like cellphones and so forth at the money market counters.