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Six Instagram Tips for Owners of Small Businesses

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There are other reasons to dislike social media, including the fact that it can be incredibly seductive and sometimes alienating. But it has two sides, just like everything else in the modern social environment.

Additionally, social media facilitates interactions that would be difficult to establish in person, particularly between companies and customers. It provides companies an opportunity to be relatable, and the statistics indicates that it is effective. According to data from Instagram from October 2019, at least 90% of users follow businesses.

Instagram is an essential tool for online small business growth, and you don’t need to get caught up in the influencer hype to make the most of it. Here are six advice from small company owners and marketing experts to get you going on Instagram marketing. Find out how to create a quick and efficient Instagram strategy for small businesses.

1. Remain internal while not being hesitant to delegate

Suzie Mills, a co-founder of the digital fitness startup Practice Everywhere and the Texas- and Virginia-based yoga studio Honest Soul Yoga, sought to engage a third party to handle their social media profiles. The curated strategy ultimately failed.

There’s a good possibility you can uncover social media whizzes within your own organization, saving you money on hiring a third-party firm. Co-founder of Mills Julia Lopez proposes providing a select few dependable workers access to the company’s Instagram account.

You should distribute your Instagram to those who are most familiar with your brand and company, she advised.

2. Make plans.

Planning ahead is essential for the productivity of busy small company owners who want to post on Instagram.

Dominique Lenaye, proprietor of the Itty Bitty Bookstore in Stoughton, Wisconsin, wrote in an email, “Knowing what days I will publish vs what days I merely link to my Story are extremely crucial.”

Stories on Instagram, in contrast to regular postings, vanish after 24 hours. In a similar spirit, Lopez and Mills added the Instagram images and descriptions to their Google calendar to make it easier for them to coordinate and remain on schedule.

3. Distribute the limelight across the team and the clients

Never be scared to delegate and focus on your team and consumers when you’re unsure of what to write next.

According to Lopez, a good initial step is to follow your staff. They could already “post things that are in sync with the company” on Instagram if they share your interest. Simply republish their pertinent text in that situation, making sure to provide credit.

Also, pay attention to posts that mention your company. Reposting customer testimonials that are complimentary of your brand (particularly on Stories) promotes your company while also offering your clients some love.

4. Use the features that are relevant to your company.

There are many ways to advertise your company on Instagram, but not every one of them will be appropriate for your particular brand.

Use stories to convey little moments from your day without overcrowding your followers’ newsfeeds. You may have a better understanding of your audience and what they want from your account by including interactive components like polls or inquiries.

Maria Romo, owner of The Brow Shaping Queen in Frisco, Texas, believes that identifying particular companies is more natural than using hashtags, so she concentrates her efforts here. She asserts that tagging other companies will likely increase your visibility since they will spread your content.

5. Allow applications to perform your tasks.

There are a ton of small-business applications available to streamline every area of your organization, including social networking.

Lenaye manages her company’s Instagram account using the free scheduling service Planoly, and Huddleston utilizes Canva Pro templates to make posting easier. Aimee Breeden, owner of Studio A Staging in Baltimore, uses Adobe Lightroom to edit pictures. Free post and story templates are also available from other applications like Unfold.

6. Keep in mind that Instagram isn’t everything.

It’s quite simple to think that any approach will make or ruin your company, according to Kwiatkowski. The success of your company does not, however, depend solely on one factor, even if that factor is Instagram.