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Standard Bank partners with Pick n Pay stores

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As part of a new cooperation between the two corporations, Standard Bank has begun erecting in-store branches in select Pick n Pay locations.

This service will be limited to a few select branches across the Western Cape and Gauteng but will expand to other areas in the future, according to Pick n Pay.

In-store Standard Bank branches will provide a variety of limited services, including providing PIN assistance, bank confirmation letters, account activations, debit order disputes, and limit management are all available.

The in-store branch will also have a consultation area and a more private place for in-depth consultations behind a slatted screen.

Standard Bank employees will be on duty at these locations.

At Pick n Pay’s Richmond store in the Western Cape, Standard Bank has already opened its first in-house 6 square meter branch.

Customers will be able to bank outside of regular banking hours, and the branches will be open during Pick n Pay’s trading hours.

The banks claim that having in-store branches allows them to reach a broader spectrum of customers by allowing them to obtain banking services when and where it is most convenient for them.