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The New Samsung Galaxy A32 takes Photography to New Heights

Samsung Galaxy A32

Samsung’s Galaxy A32 not only renders cutting-edge technology more available to more South Africans, but it also opens up an incredible universe of possibilities for its users.

This phone not only stands out, but it also sets a new trend with its classic camera design and glossy back finish. Awesome Black and Awesome Blue are two of the four eye-catching colors available and is equipped with features such as a 2-day* battery and a multi-lens camera.

Whats in the New Samsung Galaxy A32?

Use the 64MP Main Camera’s ultra high-resolution mode for clean, direct images all day, and in a wider view through its Ultra Wide Camera.

Depth Camera allows you to customize the focus, while Macro Camera allows you to get nearer to the details.

It is available in both LTE and 5G versions for the first time in the Galaxy A range, and the LTE version’s 6.4-inch FHD+ sAMOLED display and the 5G version’s 6.5-inch HD+ TFT screen provide cinema-like viewing.

What is unique about the Galaxy model is that it can enable you to use the SmartThings App to access and track your gadgets as well as your home remotely.

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SmartThings Find and a Galaxy SmartTag, a lightweight, innovative tracker that can be attached to an object and easily tracked using its SmartThings app, are two ways to keep track of your wired and analogue gadgets.

One can also take advantage of high-quality video chatting applications like Google Duo by using the Samsung Galaxy A32’s amazing cameras, which include a 48MP camera in the A32 5G and the A32 LTE’s 64MP camera.

Music Sharing, which syncs your phone with a friend’s smartphone to share music without speaker pairing, enhances the Samsung Galaxy A32 experience across the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem.

Furthermore, their Quick Share allows you to send unrestricted size images and videos to surrounding Galaxy computers, allowing you to get quick permission before sharing a community selfie.

Galaxy A32 Camera Specifications

Moments captured by an ultra-wide camera

The 8MP Ultra Wide Camera sees the world with a 123-degree angle of vision, similar to human vision, giving more depth to anything you take.

Macro Camera focuses on the tiniest details

Use the A32’s 5MP Macro Camera to bring out the tiniest details of your picture in high definition. It gives your photos a natural bokeh influence, making your subject stand out against the backdrop.

You can change the depth of field in your images with the 5MP Depth Camera. You can conveniently fine-tune the backdrop blur behind your subject with a single touch for high-quality image capture that stick out.

Galaxy A32 Battery Specifications

The Galaxy A32 5,000mAh battery allows you more time to do the things you enjoy, such as watching, posting, gaming, and so on.

For long-lasting power, AI power management senses and adjusts to your smartphone use habits. With up to 15W of Adaptive Fast Charging, the Galaxy A32 easily returns to full capacity.